Micro Learnings

Decision-making & behaviour

Emotions often play a crucial role in the decision-making process. The fear factor can be one of the drivers impacting choices. Typically, this leads to underperformance. Eventually, it may even lead to unethical or non-integer behaviour. Stress is another relevant aspect that sets context. For some professionals this element is an important part of their profession. However, one could doubt whether enough attention is given to this factor. Is the individual conscious of this matter?

This series of micro-learnings consists of the following video lessons, as well as an exam:

1. Rationality versus irrationality
2. Performance
3. Multi-disciplinary approach
4. The human brain
5. Hormones
6. Pressure & stress
7. Market analysis
8. Behaviour & conduct
9. Deviation from rationality
10. Cognitive errors

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