Micro Learnings

Spoofing & Layering

Under various regulatory packages in the field of market abuse, the techniques ‘spoofing’ and ‘layering’ are considered forms of market manipulation. Moreover, regulators have these schemes on top of their agenda. Professionals with market access must know what the strategies concern so that they know exactly what is prohibited and being able to prevent it. Next, experts in the field of market monitoring and surveillance should pay attention to the strategies’ features in order to detect it.

This series of micro-learnings consists of the following video lessons, as well as an exam:

1. Introduction
2. The objectives
3. Impact on the order book
4. Example – Spoofing
5. Example – Layering
6. In more detail
7. Price securing or sending false or misleading signals
8. Non-genuine orders
9. Indicators of spoofing & layering

A. Examination
B. Certification

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