Misconduct at Work

Employers have to guarantee employees a safe and healthy environment. Sustainable and responsible business conduct should be a main pillar for any corporate policy.

Core values, such as competence, innovation, safety and caring for people and the environment, drive a company to be ready for achieving its goals. Clear responsibilities and consistent business conduct build trust and loyalty amongst employees, clientele, business partners and communities.

On the contrary, misconduct can have severe consequences. Individuals might feel unsafe, physically or mentally, and organisations face reputation risk. Consequently, misconduct must be prevented and, when committed, it must be detected. Monitoring and surveillance requires a solid governance structure, including procedures and systems.



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MAC provides training in the field of conduct. Our curriculum covers wide range of online training course in the field of misconduct. It includes misbehaviour at work, how one treats colleagues or clients, but also financial crime plus insider trading and market manipulation.

The intuitive, multilingual learning environment offers extensive reporting opportunities to keep track of learner progress and is the ideal one-stop-shop to comply with your educational obligations.

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Via training & examination your employees can become Certified Professionals in several areas of Market Abuse

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“We use MAC because it unburdens our compliance function and meets our requirement to train staff, create awareness and update periodically. The learning platform is very intuitive for learners and allows us to download reports on proceedings and exam results.”

Henrik Kaspersen, Compliance Officer at Danske Commodities


The educational program Senior Managers & Certification Regime consists of four courses:

1. Conduct versus Misconduct

This training covers the concept ‘conduct’ and sets out what it concerns. It touches on the basics of conduct and misconduct. Examples of misbehavior are provided and it is explained what consequences misconduct can have.

2. Concepts - Morality, Ethics & Integrity

This training covers the concept ‘morality’. It touches on the basics of ethics and integrity. During the training course it is explained what a moral dilemmas is and how one can encounter it.

3. Ethics in the Workplace - Discrimination

This training covers the fundamentals of discrimination. It includes both negative and positive discimination. During the course various types of discrimination are described; examples are provided of various types of inequality.

4. Ethics in the Workplace - Harassment

This training covers the fundamentals of harassment. It touches on the basics of the topic. Forms of harassment are set out in a nutshell and it is explained what the consequences of this form of misconduct can be.

5. Ethics in the Workplace - Sexual Intimidation

This training covers the fundamentals of intimidation in the broadest sense, and sexual intimidation in particular. It sets out how a position of power can be abused and why this should not take place. Examples are provided to make it clear which kind of behavior is unacceptable and what criteria are of relevance.

6. Governance - Conflicts of Interests

This training covers conflicts of interests. It touches on the basics of the theme and, hence, it includes why conflicts of interest appear and how they should be managed. The training course goes over moral dilemmas and clarifies that moral dilemmas cannot always be avoided; they simply arise due to complexity and opposing interests.

7. Governance - Rules & Codes

This training covers internal procedures and corporate codes of conduct. It touches on the basic elements of corporate rules and sets out why these are in place. Therefore, it is also explained what the objectives of a code of conduct are.

8. Governance - KYC

This training covers the know-your-customer (KYC) principle. It is explained why it is important and how organisations could embed it in their daily operations. During the training course, reference is made to regulations which require organisations to install KYC procedures.

9. Governance - Whistleblowing Policy

This training covers the fundamentals of whistleblowing. It touches on the basics of the related topics or themes. The consequences of whistleblowing are set out in a nutshell and it is explained what organisation can do to stimulate employees to dare to speak out and mention misconduct.

10. Governance - Non-Retaliation Policy

This training covers what retaliation concerns and shows the implications of it. The training also sets out what kind of retaliation could take place and how organisations should manage their employees. It is set out how a non-retaliation policy should look like.

11. Culture - Corporate Climate

This training sets out in what respect a corporate culture impacts the behavior of individuals. It is explained that culture creates the context in which one’s decisions are made and one’s actions take place.

12. Culture - Remuneration

This training covers the possible consequences of incentives. It touches on the basics of the related topics or themes. Bonus structures are set out in a nutshell and it is explained which non-financial incentives could be applied by an organisation’s management.


For professionals, a learning licence is available for Unlimited Access to a standard selection of training courses. A learner can access the selected online courses at a lump sum, with 24/7 availability during a 12-month period.
*Prices are in euro, and, if applicable, exclusive of VAT, for a 12-month contract.

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